It dates back to 1977, when the company was set up under the initial name of “PERRONE ROBERTO MACCHINE AGRICOLE”. Since the earliest time, the company has been engaged in the production of equipments for the protection of plants and crops such as sprayers drowned by cultivators, which were the strength of the company at that time. For about 20 years, this area has been considered as a profitable and satisfying commercial reality and we’ve decided to extend the range of small equipments by adding the first “ATOMIZZATORE” for cultivator which was really appreciated by our customers. It’s in 1997 that Giuseppe Perrone, Roberto’s son, make his entrance in the family; since then, the range has been extended more consistently and, in approximately 7 years they are able to create a quality label: AGRIPERRONE. It boasts 20 models of trailed and carried sprayers.
Driven by enthusiasm, Roberto and Giuseppe in 2004 decided to create a new company: AGRIPERRONE SAS. It’s the beginning of a long way to enter regional market first and the national one. It’s a period full of professional satisfactions due to the high-quality design of our products.
In about 7-8 years, we have captured an important part of the Centre and the South of Italy and now we are looking forward the foreign market, which we have already experienced for a while.
Today AGRIPERRONE boasts a range which make us an excellent company in our area and we intend to develop our projects expanding the range also in the weed.
Here you can see what a small company from the South of Italy is able to create with care, professionalism and obstinacy.


Via C. A. Dalla Chiesa
73010 Guagnano (LE), Italy
Tel 0832 704884
Fax 0832 700125

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